The origins of the Cabinet Fanta^ique lie in a theatre that the renowned conjurer Giuseppe Pinetti opened in Berlin in the late eighteenth century. Since its inception, the Cabinet Fanta^ique has played ho^ to princesses, paupers and everyone in between. Under the guidance of such magical luminaries as Bartolomeo Bosco, Ludwig Döbler, Benita Anguinet and Émile Duval, the Cabinet has enchanted audiences around the world. If you’d like to join them, do get in touch.

More than two hundred years after the Cabinet Fanta^ique began, Maxwell Pritchard became its curator. He has allied an almo^ three-decade-long career as a conjurer to an active intere^ in the hi^ory of deceptive entertainment. His extensive work as a translator, editor and author of magical literature not only afforded him admission to the pre^igious Magic Circle and saw him appointed Scholar in Residence at the Conjuring Arts Research Center, but also granted him access to the centuries-old secrets that shape the interactive illusions presented at the Cabinet Fanta^ique.